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actions were not a surprise at all. it's the fact that she would step up and try to protect the children barack obama herself is what anne marie would do. >> i know everyone is still in shock. tell me what kind of i am fact this has had on you and this community. >> like i said we are in shock. you want believe you would lose these precious lives. ann marie these children pro haven't ex peer -- who haven't experienced life yet. we need to find a way to stop the center lines. it has toned. >> to the guriloo's their precious friend was taken far too soon but anne marie's actions, her sacrifice will always be remembered. >> she is a hero. that gives us something to hold on to. i think that is what i am holding on to right now is that she is a hero. >> she will always be remembered that way. >> right. >> it will provide the family with a lot of comfort knowing what a hero she is. it's going to take a long time to heal these wounds. >> it will take the country a long time to heal from these wounds. this is far beyond new thoun. >> it is, he is right about that craig, ab why you will. a lot of
the scenario is. we have emergency action plans for these shooters. and this is what the situation was. and we have police officers and detectives and units that train for this all of the time for this type of scenario. and so when they turn out. they establish a perimeter and set up a mobile command base and ploy the troops and vet information as it comes in. and they will usually work in a minimum of four teems that go through the door and do a grid search. and maybe they will access to poigns of the building and being aware of the cross fire scenario to stay away from that. they go in and they don't know if the doors are booby trapped or if there is more than one shooter. and those people may not have all of the information. after columbine. one of the changes in dealing with law enforcements, as in columbine they waited a minute to assess what was going o. and the protocall is you go in and try to get to the shooter as soon as possible. and that meeps the first guys in there are putting their in harm's ways. a crime like this is usual lie done within five minutes. you don't have time to as
to find out who knew what, when, why we didn't take action and have the he ability to protect the united states ambassador. >> would you be precise? what exactly do you want to know? >> i want to know why the documents didn't contain the correct information from the beginning, or at least weren't corrected in real-time within a few days of the attack when we knew and have heard testimony the united states knew it was an al qaeda-based attack and was not a spontaneous attack, and why for now almost 11 weeks we sat here with misinformation and slowly but surely getting disclosures, first from clapper, and then secretary of state's office, to decollect attention away from the overall. we need an investigation, the facts on the table, get susan rice off the point of the spear and get the facts before the congress of the united states. >> do you feel it's possible the president of the united states ordered that this attack be put in the context of a spontaneous demonstration to save his own image as an al qaeda killer? >> well, let me answer that question this way in the absence of the admini
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Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)